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Q. What is Top is an online community of people from more than 250 countries seeking new friends, pen pals, love, relationships, soul mates, marriage, activity groups, organized events and much more! With the services offered, Members can even create personal network of friends.  
Q. Is an Online Dating site? Top is much more than an online dating service. Members join for a variety of reasons. Many Members are simply interested in the romantic search option while other Members seek out friendships, life-partners, idea exchanges, and some Members are just open to the experience!  
Q. Is free to join and how do I get started? Top
  Yes, the service is 100% free. Sign Up Now!  

Q. Are the services free to join and if so, how do I get started? Top
  Yes, the services are 100% free. Sign Up Now!  
Q. I do not remember joining but I ended up here, how? Top
  You may have signed-up through one of our extended partner internet websites. Thousands of internet websites in the world collaborate with and brand it using their own business names. Although you may have signed up through one of our partner websites, you can still log in at has been syndicated to over 50,000 internet sites worldwide. If you want to syndicate our Dating Engine, visit  
Q. Why can I not use my handle as my email address? Top
  Your handle is a unique word or phrase that you select, which describe your personality or what you are looking for in a partner or mate. Unlike your email address, your handle does not correspond in any way to your identity outside the community. This feature protects the anonymity and the personal information of Members whereas, the email address is communicated globally and does not offer the protection or privacy like that of the handle.  
Q. Your system tells me that my email address is already in use or registered. I do not remember signing up with in the past. How can this be? Top
  It is possible that you previously signed up with and simply do not remember doing so. Additionally, it is possible that you signed up through one of our extended partner websites and do not recognize that this is the same service. In this scenario, simply verify your email address and communicate your findings back through the online services. More than likely, your address has been selected by another Member. If you feel that someone else is using your email address, please contact our customer support. Otherwise, just sign-up using another email address.  
Q. I am still having trouble signing up or joining. What could be the problem? Top

Potential problem areas might include:

  • You are using a handle that is already in use by another Member
  • You are trying to sign up again. allows only ONE membership per unique person. If you do not remember joining up from, perhaps you have joined a dating service that is partnered through In this case, simply log in using your existing handle and password. If you have forgotten your handle and password, then use the Password Retrieval Page. Regardless of where you log in, whether from our main website or from one of our partner's websites, Members will have access to all of Members and services. Please note that you may not have access to our adult community if the extended partner website you signed up with does not offer that service.
  • If you are using a shared computer or a computer at a hot spot cafe whereby another user has recently used it to sign up to, our system makes sure that only one IP address can sign up ONCE within a single HOUR. Therefore, you can simply use another computer or try again when that house has elapsed.
Q. Where do I sign in or log in to or AdultFriendSearch? Top
  You can log in to the system at the place you signed up (via one of our extended partner's websites) or at Just enter your alias and password and click Go or Go Here and log in now. Do you still need help? If so, feel free to contact us.  
Q. What do I need to validate before I attempt to log in? Top
  Members should use Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.0 or higher. Members may also need to enable cookies and JavaScript options. If you are using any pop-up blocker, you will not be able to use many of's functions. Please validate that you can allow pop-ups and cookies before signing into the website. Many toolbars such as the Google toolbar blocks pop-ups. However, you can configure it to allow pop-ups for  
Q. I forgot my handle and/or password. Can you retrieve that information for me? Top
  No problem, simply Go Here and provide us with your email address and we will email it to you. If you still need help, please contact us.  
Q. How do I change my hanlde and/or password? Top
  Simply edit your handle/password in your My Profile Page.  
Q. What if I share my computer with a friend? Top
  If multiple people use your computer, you need to log out or any follow up users can access to your account. You should always log out when you are finished with The log out button is found at the second level tabs in your Member area. There are sharing risks to your account and your Member information if you bypass the log out command.  

Q. How do I post my free profile? Top
  It is so easy and exciting to join others with the same pursuits. All you need to do is join and your profile can be accessed by thousands of people within minutes! Post your free profile today.  
Q. How do I update my profile? Top
  Members can edit personal profiles as often as they choose. Once Members are logged in, click on Dating Profile on the second-level menu tabs. Here, you can add or edit your Dating Profile, Personality Profile, Adult Profile, and Sexuality Profile. (Note - you can access your Adult Profile and Sexuality profile within the AdultFriendSearch community only. Use the top-level tabs to switch between and AdultFriendSearch.  
Q. What are's guidelines for profile development and management? Top

Our Customer Support team reviews each profile to increase Member chances of meeting quality matches. will periodically revise guidelines, so please refer to the Help pages for updates. may reject or modify content containing any element of the following:

  • Abusive language of any kind, including vulgarity, racism, illegal activity, and so on
  • Any direct contact information, including email addresses, URLs, ICQ/instant messenger IDs, phone numbers, full names, addresses, and so on. (Personal information can be stored on your My Profile Page, which will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and used for internal purposes only).
  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Business or political advertisements or solicitations
  • Material that exploits or solicits personal information from individuals under the age of eighteen (18)

Sexy or Adult Content

  • Members can post a sexy ad or upload a sexy or nude photo under our AdultFriendSearch community. No sexually suggestive content is allowed under the family safe community.
  • Members cannot post material that is pornographic in nature (pictures or photographs depicting sexual intercourse or explicit sexual activities) does not accept content from any of the following:

  • Incarcerated individuals
  • Individuals under the age of eighteen (18)

Reporting Inappropriate Member Activities

  • To keep a healthy environment, which can be enjoyed by everyone across the globe, Members are encouraged to report profiles that violate Terms of Use or our Profile Guidelines found in the Help section. Reporting a Member is easy - simply click on the 'Report this Member' link under a Member's photo within their Profile Page.
Q. Why is my profile not showing up when I search for it? Top

If your profile does not appear, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my profile turned on? Go to Your Dating Profile to ensure you have set it to a visible state. allows you to turn your profile off and on anytime at your discretion.
  • Could my profile be under review? If you have just joined or made any changes to your profile, it may not be visible to other Members until it has been reviewed by our customer care team, which can take up to 72 hours.
  • Am I searching under the wrong community? If you are searching under the (family safe) community, you cannot view adult-profiles. If you have only created an adult-profile and not a general dating profile, you will not locate your profile unless you are searching from the AdultFriendSearch community. To switch from to AdultFriendSearch simply click on the community tabs at the top of the menu bar.

If this does not remedy your problem, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Q. How do I add an Adult Profile? Why would I add an Adult Profile? Top
  To add or update your Adult Profile, you will need to be in the AdultFriendSearch community by clicking on the AdultFriendSearch tab at the top of the menu bar. Click on Profile on the second-level menu, and then click on the Adult Profile icon on the left to add or update your adult content.

If you have created both profiles, Adult Profile and Dating Profile, then the adult profile will be accessible in the AdultFriendSearch community. Your family safe Dating Profile will be accessible in the community. respects the freedom of speech and acknowledges it as one of humanity's most basic rights. believes that everyone should be allowed to express him or herself, and pursue activities that are right for him or her without causing undue harm to others. For this reason, you will discover two major communities within the network.

Community one is described as - "A family safe community called the Network.
Community two is described as - "An adult oriented community called the Network. Members can choose to participate in one or both communities. To find out more about our communities, visit the Help section on Communities. (Note - You may have joined under a partner's website or a different brand, depending on the location of where you joined Therefore, you may find yourself not having access to the AdultFriendSearch community. Some extended partners allow Members to express and explore the respective country's social acceptance and laws. Members can use the existing password to log in at or, if Members select to access the Adult Community).
Q. How do I add a Personality Profile? Top
  Members can add a personality profile at any time by going to Your Profile Page and selecting Personality Profile. Just fill out any/all the questions and once completed, your personality profile will be made visible to other Members. If you turned off your Dating Profile, your Personality Profile will also not be accessible.  
Q. How do I add a Sexuality Profile? Top
  Members can add a sexuality profile at any time by going to Your Profile Page within the AdultFriendSearch community and selecting Sexuality Profile. Just fill out any/all the questions there and when complete, this profile will be made visible to other AdultFriendSearch Members. Please note that this profile will not be visible to normal Members. If you turned off the Adult Profile, your Sexuality Profile will not be accessible either.  
Q. Why am I not getting very many responses? Top

There are several ways to increase your chances of getting a response. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you do not yet have a photo, add one today. Statistics prove that profiles with photos are nine times more likely to receive responses than profiles without photos. Additionally, be sure that you are checking for responses at the email address supplied at the time of account setup. Please validate the email address submitted is accurate.
  • Consider upgrading yourself to a Platinum Member. Platinum Members can receive emails directly from ALL Members, including non-premium ones. In addition, your profile will be highlighted during searches.
  • Become more active. If you log into your account often and actively seek friends, then our Artificial Intelligence search will give your profile a better listing position.
  • Promote yourself pro-actively. Set up your Auto-Contact so that your email will automatically go out to new Members. Additionally, create a Match-Ad so that your profile appears first to anyone searching that meets your criteria.

If you are not receiving any responses at all, you may have a "Spamguard" application installed. If so, this may be preventing email from reaching you. Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to validate applications installed and configuration settings. You should also ensure your email address is correctly entered into your My Profile Page.

Q. What is "Recommend to Friends?" Top
  This feature allows you the opportunity to forward a profile to a group of your friends. This is your opportunity to show off an interesting profile that you might have encountered, or if you feel your friends may benefit from meeting a great new pal, please be sure to share the profile quickly and easily. By actively sending interesting profiles to your friends and family, you may be able to build your referral base quickly.  
Q Why is it so important for me to post a Dating Profile or Adult Profile? Top
  If you do not post your free Dating Profile, no one will know you are available, and if no one knows you are available, you will never receive emails, instant messages, or winks. You can opt to post either a Dating Profile or an Adult Profile, or both.  
Q. What are all the different kinds of profiles within the system? Top
  • My Profile - This is where you find all your main information. For example, your personal information would include login information, real name, address, email, phone number, alias names, and more. This Member information is for internal use only and will not be made available for other users to view. Please ensure that your information here is accurate so that there is no interruption of Member services. Additionally, Members can edit or add to profiles by using the top menu tab.
  • Dating Profile - This is your personals website content or ad-copy. Your background information and general areas of interest are included in this section. This profile is what other Members see when they are interested in you or when they do a search when they are within the family-safe community. You can access this from the sub-menu under the main community. Just click on the Profile link, and then the Dating Profile icon on the left.
  • Adult Profile - If you are interested in exploring adventures that are even more exciting, you can post an alternative content under the AdultFriendSearch community by using the Adult Dating Profile Page. If you have created both a Dating Profile and an Adult Dating Profile, then our system will intelligently show your general dating profile (which is family centered) to Members within the community. Your adult dating profile will be posted to the AdultFriendSearch community only. The level of response for those who post a sexy message or photo is excellent in indicating expectations or needs.
  • Personality Profile - This profile is to expand the qualities and characteristics that describe you more in depth. Please populate the questionnaire and remember that you may edit or modify this profile at any time.
  • Sexuality Profile - This profile provides a lot of freedom for Members to express themselves. Take this opportunity to explore your sensual side. The Sexuality Profile is only found on the AdultFriendSearch community.
Q. What if I do not want people to view my profile? Top
  You can turn your profile on and off at any time, at your discretion. Simply access your Dating Profile or Adult Profile and set it to visible or invisible. You can also do this on the Setting Page.  

Q. Can I personalize any part of Top
  Yes, and you should. Use the Settings tab at the top menu bar to control and personalize many set up options of such as your filter levels and email preferences. Virtually, you can manage many features of your online services. Members should take time to explore options and customize these services to meet individual needs.  
Q. What if I do not want anything to do with the AdultFriendSearch community? Top
  Your Settings Page allows you to disconnect yourself from the AdultFriendSearch community. You can adjust your access to this network to the "No" state. Another option that Members have is to prevent any Member of the AdultFriendSearch community to access your profile outside of that community. Members have full control over these access options.  
Q. How do I change my alias and password? Top
  Simply edit your My Profile at the top menu bar.  
Q. How do I change my email address? Top
  Simply edit your My Profile at the top menu bar.  

Q. What are communities? Top communities are ideal venues for you to interact with other Members that share common interests. Communities allow you to identify with particular affinity groups, enjoying a unique online experience tailored to your individual needs.  
Q. What are the current communities of Top currently offers two main communities. The first is FriendSearch which is a family safe dating environment. The other option is AdultFriendSearch. This community is designed for the more adventurous and exploratory adult person.  
Q. How do I access these communities? Top
  Log in at or to access the corresponding network.  
Q. Are these communities offered through extended partners? Top allows our partners to choose whether they wish to offer one or more of our communities. You may not be able to access all our communities depending on where or which websites you signed up for at the time of registration.  
Q. Is my profile searchable by all community Members? Top
  • If you have only created a family-safe FriendSearch Dating Profile, then your Dating Profile, by default will be searchable on both FriendSearch and AdultFriendSearch communities. You can modify your settings to block the adult community from viewing your profile.
  • If you have only created an Adult Dating Profile under the AdultFriendSearch community, your profile will not be visible or searchable by the family safe community Members. The AdultFriendSearch community will, however, be able to view your Adult Profile.
  • If you have created dual profiles, Dating Profile and an Adult Dating Profile, Members searching within the family safe FriendSearch community will be shown your Dating Profile while Members searching within the AdultFriendSearch community will be shown your Adult Profile. Members can customize profiles for the both areas of interest.
Q. Tell me the difference between the FriendSearch and AdultFriendSearch Communities Top
  • FriendSearch is designed to be a family-safe dating and friendship environment. Members within this community are people who are primarily looking for companions to share online moments with people that have similar interests. Within the FriendSearch environment, FriendSearch does not allow any explicit materials such as photos containing nudity or messages that are sexually explicit.
  • AdultFriendSearch is a community of very exploratory individuals who may be looking for all kinds of adult-related activities. The extent of these adult activities is endless. AdultFriendSearch allows the posting of sexual messages and nude photos here (R-Rated). AdultFriendSearch strictly prohibits the posting of pornographic materials, which depict photos of a person or persons engaging in sexual activities (X-Rated). These rules are strictly enforced.
Q. What is the netiquette regarding communicating with Members from these communities? Top
  • When you are messaging a FriendSearch community Member, please be respectful and use proper language relating to personal activities. In so far, sexual messages are not appropriate. This community is conservative and all correspondence should be within the respectful parameters.
  • When communicating with an AdultFriendSearch community Member, you may be more sexually explicit. It is recommended that Members review all profiles before submitting messages, which helps validate the success or interest that may be reciprocated by reading about the person you are contacting. Members are prohibited from using abusive or violent languages or even extremely explicit languages. Members should be treated with respect at all times.
Q. How do I create a Dating Profile and/or Adult Profile? Top
  • To create a Dating Profile under the family-safe FriendSearch community - Go to the FriendSearch community after you have logged in by using the tabs on the Navigation bar. Then click on Dating Profile.
  • To create an Adult Dating Profile under the AdultFriendSearch community - Go to the AdultFriendSearch community after you have logged in by using the AdultFriendSearch tabs on the Navigation bar. Then click on Adult Dating Profile.

Q. When do contact me and how and why? Top sends you a daily email to let you know when you receive any messages or online affection notes from other Members. also sends your Cupid matches once a week. You can alter the frequency or turn off these alerts or communications in your Settings Page.  
Q. How do I manage my email preferences? Top
  You are in complete control of the emails you receive and transmit through To change your preferences, go to your Settings Page and then select the emails you wish to receive from These features should be reviewed periodically to obtain the most customized of services.  

Q. What is my Inbox and how does it work? Top
  Your inbox is found by clicking on the Contacts link. Your inbox contains emails, winks, kisses, or flirts that other Members have sent to you. It is equivalent to your paper mailbox except it comes through the computer and the online services.  
Q. Do I have to log in or sign into my account to check my emails? Top
  Yes, you need to log in first before you can check your inbox for any new messages that you may have received. There are additional options if you hold the Platinum Member status. Platinum Members have email forwarded to their own private email address.  
Q. Will I be notified when I received a new message if I am not a Platinum Member? Top
  Yes, will alert you and send you a list of new messages you have received based on your personal settings. You can set your preference in your Settings Page. You can also opt NOT to receive these alerts. Members have full control of the timing of transmitting information and the notification parameters for receiving email and online notifications.  
Q. Why are there emails in my inbox that I never received via my actual email address? Top
  Your inbox records all emails sent to you by Members. Only emails by other premium Members or sponsored messages are directly forwarded to your actual email address. If an email should have been forwarded to you and you did not receive it, possibly your Internet Service Provider (ISP) experienced technical difficulties and therefore, did not deliver your messages. In this case, please contact your ISP directly to address any communication failures.  
Q. What is my Outbox and how does it work? Top
  Your outbox folder is found by clicking on the Contacts link. Your outbox folder contains emails, winks, kisses, or flirts that you have sent to other Members. This folder is used for tracking, storing your submitted messages to other Members.  
Q. Do I have to be a Premium Member to send emails, winks, kisses, or flirts? Top
  Yes. Once you upgrade to premium membership, you will be able to send an unlimited amount of winks, kisses, and flirts to other members.  
Q. I am having problem sending messages, winks, kisses, or flirts. Top
  You need to validate that you do not have any software or toolbars installed in your computer that blocks pop-up features. uses pop-up windows for you to type in your messages. Please note that many toolbars today such as the Google toolbar blocks pop-ups. Members have the option to configure pop up access and availability.  
Q. Why am I not getting very many responses even though I have sent a significant number of messages? Top
  • If you are NOT a Premium Member - Many Members who have not subscribed to the premium status are required to sponsor the correspondence. Without the sponsorship, many emails are not read by the Members who received them.
  • If you ARE a Premium Member - You should have a strong response rate. However, you may want to consider experimenting with different messages or make your messages more personal. Writing a general message and broadcasting it out to many Members at one time may not work as well.
Q. How does my membership level affect my communications with other Members? Top

Your membership level determines what level of access you enjoy when contacting other Members or receiving messages. Consider the following guidelines below:

Platinum Status

  • You can send and receive messages from any Member
  • All messages will be sent to an actual email address and to their inbox
  • Members that received your message (including winks, kisses, and flirts) can read your message and reply to it regardless of their status.
  • All messages are accessible immediately
  • Messages sent will go to an actual email address

Gold, Silver, or Bronze Status

  • You can send messages to any Member
  • All messages will be sent to an actual email address and to their inbox
  • Members who received your message (including winks, kisses, and flirts) can read your message and reply to it regardless of their status
  • Unless you sponsor it, you cannot read messages sent by normal (non-Premium) Members
  • Messages sent to you by normal (non-Premium) Members will not be forwarded to your actual email address. Instead, these messages will be stored in your inbox only. You may check your inbox periodically to see if you have received any messages. To read these messages, you will need to sponsor them. recommends you upgrade to the Platinum membership so all messages sent to you by ANY Members at any time can be read

Normal Member (non-Premium) Status

  • You can send messages to any Member at any time
  • Messages you sent to Platinum Members will be forwarded to an actual email address and to their inbox. Platinum Members that received your messages will be able to reply to you.
  • Messages you sent to non-Platinum Members will only be stored in their inboxes and cannot be read or replied to you unless they sponsor the message
  • You cannot read messages sent by other normal Members unless you sponsor them

Q. What is Sponsoring a Message? Top

If you cannot respond to an email, you need to sponsor it or request that the sender sponsor the message. To sponsor a message, you must have money in your Top-Up / Spending account. If you currently have a zero balance, update your Top-Up/Spending Account Page! It is always a good idea to keep your online account funded so you can access all of services.


  • If you are a NORMAL Member, sponsoring messages when you send them to non-Platinum Members will ensure that your message is accessible
  • If you would like to reply to a message and you are unable to do so, sponsorship is required. If you like, you can suggest to the sender that he or she sponsor the message.
  • If you are a frequent online user, it may be more economical to upgrade to Premium membership.

Q. How is my anonymity and privacy protected in my communications with other Members? Top
  • Sending emails, kisses, winks, or flirts - When emails or messages of online affection are delivered to other Members, they will know your email address. Therefore, if you do not want a particular person to know your email address, be sure you do not contact them. Additionally, be aware that all messages and internal content will be accessible if the message is sent.
  • Replying to emails from other Members - When receiving emails from other Members, please keep in mind that they do not know your actual name or email addresse. Although the message you receive contains your first name, this is automatically inserted by our system so that it appears more personal. However, this does not indicate the contacting Member is aware of this information. If you do not respond to the email, you will remain anonymous. Your should reply only if you have interest with the corresponding Member. Once you reply, you will no longer be anonymous.

Q. What is Cupid? Top
  Cupid is's romance robot! You can configure Cupid to let him know what kind of partner or soul mate you are looking for and Cupid will email you a list of new Members matching your criteria every week. This service is an excellent online tool.  
Q. How do I make changes to my Cupid's matches? Top
  Visit your Cupid's Page and just update your criteria. It is very simple.  
Q. Why am I not receiving Cupid's matches? Top
  Please validate the service for Cupid is turned on or activated. Go to your Cupid's Page to find out your Cupid's status.  
Q. What if I do not want to receive Cupid's emails every week? Top
  You have the option of turning Cupid off either at your Settings Page or your Cupid's Page.  

Q. What are my Favorites? Top
  Favorites are the names and profiles of your top 100 list. This is a great way to manage your online relationships and since it is a consolidated list, the process is simple.  
Q. How do I access my Favorites List? Top
  Go to your Favorites Page, under Contacts.  
Q. How do I add a Member to my Favorites List? Top
  Visit the Member's profile and click on the "Add to Favorites" link below the photo.  
Q. How do I delete a Member from my Favorites List? Top
  Visit your Favorites Page and select the Member you would like to deselect.  
Q. How many Favorites can I have? Top
  You can save up to 100 favorites at any given time.  
Q. How long will Members remain in my Favorites List? Top
  Members will remain in your Favorites List until you decide to deselect them.  
Q. Why would a Member I added to my favorites not appear in my list anymore? Top
  This Member may have hidden his or her profile. If that does occur, you will not be able to view the profile.  
Q. Why does one of my Favorites have a different handle? Top
  Members can change their handles at any time. Your Favorite must have changed his or her handle.  

Q. Why should I add my photo? Top
  People love to look at photos. Please add your photo to increase the excitement of meeting new people via online services.  
Q. What are your guidelines in terms of uploading my photos? Top is committed to providing our Members with a secure environment. reserves the right to crop or reject any photo at our discretion. Photos will not appear on the site until they are approved by a Member of our customer support team. Please review the following photo guidelines:

  • Image files must be received in an approved format and may not exceed 150 KB in size
  • You must appear in the photo
  • Nude and semi-nude (r-rated) photos can only be uploaded to your AdultFriendSearch community or Adult Photo Album. Members are forbidden to display pornographic (x-rated) images.
  • Copyrighted material will not be posted
Q. How do I upload a photo?  
  Go to your Photo Album Page, and upload your photo there. All photos uploaded will be reviewed before it will be posted to your profile. Keep in mind that it may take up to 72 hours for photos to be reviewed and uploaded.  
Q. How many photos can I upload?  
  You can upload 20 photos to your Photo Album and 20 to your Adult Photo Album.  
Q. What is my default photo? Top
  You can select one photo to be your designated default photo. Your default photo will be shown during searches on your Profile Page. The other photos can be viewed by clicking on your personal Photo Album.  
Q. How do I change/edit/delete a photo? Top
  Go to your Photo Album Page or your Adult Photo Album Page and make the modifications.  
Q. How long does it take for my photo to appear? Top
  Many photos are uploaded within 24 hours. Keep in mind that it may take up to 72 hours for your photo to appear due to the volume that our customer support team needs to process on a given business day.  

Q. How do I block a user from contacting me (by email, winking, kissing, or flirting)? Top
  Visit the Member's profile, and click on the "Block this Member" link below the photo. It is very easy. You should not hesitate to address any unwarranted or unsolicited online advances. This website is managed to improve the livelihood of others and unwanted communications should be stopped immediately.  
Q. What types of blocking are available to me at this site? Top

You can prevent Members from sending you email or showing online affection in your profile. Some of the online affections include the following:

  • Kisses
  • Flirting
  • Winks
Q. How do I un-block a Member? Top
  Go to Contacts, click on Block, and un-block any blocked Member in your block list. This task is just as easy since it is a simple toggle function.  
Q. Can I still contact a Member on my block list? Top
  Yes, you can contact someone you have blocked. This might be a viable option for you to inform them of their blocked status with you. This person will not be able to respond to you until you remove the block.  

Q. What is AutoContact? Top
  AutoContact automatically contacts new members on your behalf, based on criteria that you specify. It is similar to Cupid, but instead of sending you the new matches, it automatically sends out emails on behalf of you to other members, so that you can initiate contact with interesting members 24 hours a day!  
Q. How much does it cost? Top
  Please check our latest pricing at the AutoContact page. We are currently offering an extremely low introductory price, so try it out now to see how effective it is! Please ensure that you have sufficient funds so that your AutoContact campaign will continue running. You can top up your funds at the Accounting page.  
Q. How do I create an AutoContact campaign? Top
  At the AutoContact overview page, click on the Create Campaign link. Fill up your AutoContact profile, and specify a nice, interesting Subject/Message to grab the attention of members you contact. You can define the target audience and network to accurately contact members of interest. You can configure the Maximum messages to send/day to control your daily AutoContact spendings.  
Q. How do I activate it? Top
  Once your AutoContact campaign has been created / modified, it will be subjected to our Administrative review to ensure that the guidelines are adhered to. Once approved, your AutoContact campaign will be automatically activated. You must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account, or else messages will not be sent. Your status is displayed at the top of your AutoContact page.  
Q. How do I check which members AutoContact emailed on behalf of me? Top
  At the AutoContact overview page, proceed to the "Generate Stats" section, and specify the desired reporting period. You will be presented with the list of members contacted within the specified period. You can also view the list at your OutBox, where these messages are marked with the AutoContact status.  
Q. Can I reverse the charge for an AutoContact transaction? Top
  We understand that there may occassionally be fake/invalid accounts in our system. If you believe that AutoContact has mistakenly contacted these accounts, you can request for a refund on a particular AutoContact transaction. Look up the transaction at the Generate Stats section, then check the desired transactions' checkboxes and click on the Request Refund button. Refund requests will be reviewed and if approved, the corresponding amount will be credited back to your FriendSearch account.  
Q. What are the AutoContact guidelines? Top
  We strictly review each AutoContact campaign to ensure that they are in good taste and conform to our network's friendly environment. Campaigns containing pornography, hatred, racism or other offensive materials are strictly prohibited.  

Q. What is a MatchBox / AdBox? Top
  Our dating network generates an extremely high volume of traffic and activity each day. You can capitalize on our traffic by conducting highly-effective targeted advertising campaigns to our members. You can create a MatchBox campaign to advertise your dating profile, or an AdBox campaign to advertise your product / service. A member clicking on your MatchBox advertisement will be able to contact you for free.  
Q. How much does it cost? Top
  Our Advertising network works on a Cost-Per-Click bidding system. The bidding price you specify is the amount you will pay when a member clicks on your advertisement. Advertisements are arranged based on the bidding price, so an Advertiser with a high bid will be given display priority. Please check the MatchBox / AdBox pages for our minimum bid figures. You can top up your funds at the Accounting page.  
Q. How do I create an ad? Top
  At the Advertising overview page, click on Create New Match-Box Campaign or Create New Ad-Box Campaign to create a new campaign. Fill up the campaign details, and specify your targeting preferences. To control your campaign spendings, specify a Daily Limit/Budget.  
Q. How do I activate my ad? Top
  Once your Advertising campaign has been created / modified, it will be subjected to our Administrative review to ensure that the guidelines are adhered to. Once approved, your Advertising campaign will be automatically activated. You must ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account, or else it will not be displayed. Your campaign status is displayed at the top of your Advertising page.  
Q. How do I monitor my ad's performance? Top
  At the Advertising overview page, click on the "Reports" icon, then specify the desired reporting period. You will be presented with relevant statistics within the specified period, such as the number of times your ads were displayed, click-through amount, and response rates.  
Q. Why isn't my ad displayed? Top
  There could be a number of reasons:
  • Your account has run out of funds - Fix: Top up your account as soon as possible
  • You have defined targeting criteria that do not match our members - Fix: Change / relax your targeting criteria
  • Other Advertisers have outbid you, thus your ad has a lower display priority - Fix: Increase your bid
  • Your ad was rejected by us - Fix: Modify your ad and subject it to our review again.
Q. What are the Advertising guidelines? Top
  We strictly review each Advertising campaign to ensure that they are in good taste and conform to our network's friendly environment. Advertisements containing pornography, hatred, racism or other offensive materials are strictly prohibited.  

Q. How do I access my Accounting and Billing Page? Top
  It is simple. You need to click on the Accounting tab.  
Q. Can I get access to my Accounting History? Top
  Yes, this information is available on the Accounting Page. This website has many options for membership upgrade history. It will provide a log of your top-up transactions, referrals earnings, and much more.  
Q. How do I upgrade my membership to become a Premium Member? Top
  Go to your Upgrade Page within your Accounting section. Here you can upgrade yourself to Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership status.  
Q. Will I automatically be renewed and billed once my premium membership expires? Top
  If you would prefer an auto-renewal feature, you need to sign up for it. Go to your Accounting Page and validate your settings. You can always toggle your auto-renewal on or off at any time. Please note that the auto-renewal feature is only available for Members with a verified credit card.  
Q. Is it safe to pay through credit card transactions? Top
  Yes, there are no issues with online credit card transactions. uses a high secure environment when collecting credit card information and transmits it via encrypted code.  
Q. What payment methods do you accept and in what currency? Top currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and online checks for US and Canada. Depending on your country or current residency, you may have other payment options. Check with your Accounting Page to explore all options.  
Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel my premium membership? Top
  No, does not offer refunds once you have upgraded. Members will have access to premium membership features until the expiration date.  
Q. Why is the amount listed on my credit card statement different from the amount of the service upgrade I purchased? Top usually invoices in US dollars. If you use another currency, your conversion rate may have changed since the time invoices you. This discrepancy should be minimal unless market conditions create a large fluctuation between currencies.  
Q. What is my Top-Up/Spending account? Top
  Before you can use some of's fee-based services such as our match-ad, ad-box, or sponsoring a message (for Normal Members), you need to have funds in your Top-Up/Spending Account. You can top-up as little as $25 and as much as $100 at a time. As you use these fee-based services, will deduct money automatically from your top-up account.  
Q. What is Auto-Bill? Top
  To save you time, has a feature whereby you can set your auto-bill to on so that when your Top-Up/Spending account runs low on funds, will automatically bill your credit card on file. You can opt to turn auto-bill off or on at any time. Please note that auto-bill is available for verified cardholders only.  
Q. How do I have my credit card verified? Top
  You can either fax us a copy of your credit card and an identification care or you keep a clean credit history with us. If you did not do any charge backs for 3 to 6 months, may have automatically set your credit card status to "verified". In this case, go to your Billing Info to find out how to verify your credit card.  
Q. What merchant name will I see appear on my credit card bill? Top
  You will see, EzerNet, or Ibill on your credit card statement, depending on the billing method you chose. Your order confirmation will tell you what merchant name you should expect to appear on your statement.  

Q. How do I make money? Top
  You can refer a friend to and start making money. If your friend spends money within the network, you will earn a portion of it every time. The more friends you refer to, the greater potential you have to earn additional income. To find out more about this program, go to our Make Money Page.  
Q. What are referrals? Top
  Referrals are friends or Members that you have referred to Direct referrals are Members you as an individual have signed them up for online services. Indirect referrals are Members that your direct referrals have brought online for Member services.  
Q. How many referrals can I have? Top
  When it comes to referrals, no limit is set to the number of Members or friends you can refer to  
Q. How much money can I earn? Top
  Your earning potential is totally up to you as an individual. The more friends you refer to us, the more money you will earn. also pays portion of what your friends earn and a portion of what the additional new Members spend. Therefore, your earnings can grow very quickly. At a high level, Members earn 50% of the upgrades of your direct referrals and 10% of the earnings of your 2nd level referrals and 5% of the earnings of your 3rd level referrals.  
Q. How do I refer a friend? Top

There are many ways to refer a friend. Some methods are stated below:

  • Use our Invite Friends Page - Here you can automatically enter up to 10 names and email addresses at a time. will send them an invitation email from you. If they click on that special link and join as a Member, you will be listed as their referral originator.
  • Email Friends Directly - You can write your own email and email all your friends directly. Be sure to use your special referral link in your emails or you will not get credit for the newly generated membership.
  • Link from your website - If you have a website, you can link to either to your profile at or to's main page with your special links. You can use any of our banners or icons to link to us to support the new membership.
  • Use your imagination - It is limitless to the extent of your creativity to achieve a growing referral program to enhance the referral program. Be sure that you always use your special links.
Q. How do I check my earnings and my referrals? Top
  You can check your referral earnings by going to the Accounting Page. All specifics on the type of the referral are stored behind this link.  
Q. Can I list my referrals and/or friends? Top currently does not have this feature. It is slated to be included in the next release. Please continue to check the status of this new feature.  
Q. Can I create my own dating site? Top
  Yes, If you already have a website of your own, you have the option of integrating FriendSearch's dating engine within your site. Go to for more information and the option of signing up there.  
Q. Can I use the money I earned through your referral program within the network? Top
  Yes, you can transfer money from your Earning's Account to your Top-Up/Spending accounts at your Accounting Overview Page. Please note that once you have transferred your money, you can no longer reverse the transaction for any circumstance.  
Q. How will I be paid for my earnings? Top will send out a check at the beginning of the month for earnings in the last 30 days. For example, if you earned $500 in the month of January, you will be paid in early March. You will need to have a minimum balance of $50 before is required to pay you. If for a given month, you have earned less than $50, it will be accumulated until you earn above $50. You can set the amount you want to accumulate within your Accounting Page. This is particularly helpful if you are not a US resident. There may be large bank charges to cash out a US check. If you have more than $2,500 in your balance, you can request that send you a bank wire instead.  
Q. Will I continue to earn money if I terminate my membership? Top
  No, upon your termination, you will no longer receive earnings checks. Your referral proceeds will be forfeited immediately.  
Q. What happens to my earnings if I am suspended? Top
  If you are suspended due to the violation of any term of use, all of your earnings will be forfeited without any prior notice.  

Q. I do not live in the United States. What can I do on Top has Members in most of the countries in the world and may be one of the most diversified friendship network sites. To visit one of our international sites, go to our Dating Directory to explore relationships with those from another country.  
Q. If I signed up from an International Site, do I still have access to all of services? Top
  There may be some restrictions based upon the country in which you reside.  

Q. How do I keep myself anonymous and to protect my privacy? Top preserves your privacy and anonymity by not displaying any personal information previously provided. However, you need to maintain your own privacy by never placing any identifiable information in your personals ad-copy/content for any reason. If any Member overlooks this responsibility, personal privacy is at risk.

Please note the following:

  • Sending emails, kisses, winks, flirts - When you send emails, kisses, winks, or flirts to other Members, they can see your email address. If you do not want a particular person to know your email address, be sure you do not contact them or send any information. Additionally, anything you provide in your message is displayed. Once the message has been sent, the information is accessible.
  • Replying to emails from other Members - When receiving emails from other Members, remember they do not know your name, or email address. The only information that would be known is the online profile information. Although the message you receive contains your first name, this is automatically inserted by our system so that it appears more personal. This automatic insertion of your first name does not mean the contacting Members know it. If you do not respond to the email, you will remain anonymous. Members should reply only if they have an interest in the contacting Member. Once you reply, you will no longer be anonymous.


Q. What policies do I need to adhere to while using Top
  Please review the policies described in our Terms of Use.  
Q. How does use my personal information? Top
  Please review content at our Privacy Policy.  

Q. What is this email I received about Members winking at me, kissing me or flirting with me? Top
  Winks, kisses, and flirts are affection indicators for Members to "break the ice" and let you know they are interested in learning more about you. will send a daily email to you that comprises of a list of Members who have winked, blown you a kiss, or are trying to flirt with you.  
Q. How do I express my interest in another Member? Top

The following statements depict two methods:

  • While you are searching - Your search results will contain check boxes next to a Member short description. Check all the Members you are interested in and send them a wink, kiss or flirt to express your interest. This is a quick way to show your interests for many Members at one time. It will very likely bring about several responses.
  • While viewing a Member's Profile Page - Send a wink, kiss or flirt by clicking on the "Send a Kiss" link below the Member photo. It is simple and fun.
Q. What if I'm not interested in knowing about Members displaying online affection? Top
  This is very simple and can be done by visiting your Settings Page and turn off the emails you have been receiving. You can even specify how often you want to receive such alerts in the future.  
Q. Where can I find a list of Members that have winked, kissed or flirted with me? Top
  All winks, kisses and flirts are stored in your In-Box.  
Q. How do I reply or respond to a wink, kiss, or flirt? Top
  You can send a message back to that Member. A wink, kiss, or flirt is no different from any other message. It is just a clever way to express your interest in learning more about Members.  

Cannot find the answer to your question? Contact our Customer Support now!

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